"Wee Jimmie"Edit

Race: Human
Age: 27
Birthplace: The Highlands of Arathi
Class: Warrior
Professions: Skinner, Leatherworker, Fisherman and Chef!
Affiliations: Alliance, and all things Claymore, Alcoholic, and Haggis.

Appearance: James MacBride - "Wee Jimmie" to all - has a shock of copper red hair, two manly braids and a clear complexion! He has sparkly blue eyes and a large jovial smile. Still looking for the perfect Great-kilt, but comfortable in maille.


Self-proclaimed "Sexy Beastie!", but not in the hearing of his mother. In reality, his mother taught him the "proper respects for young wimmin", and he is convinced Elune will visit uncomfortable punishments upon him, should he transgress. He once met a pretty night elf girl and became all two left feet and tongue tied, and finds that fighting battles with foe is far easier than dealing with the subtle minds of the fairer sex. He still likes to flirt with them, but he's not that complex! Wee Jimmie is fairly garrulous - even in mid-fight.


Arathi HighlandsEdit

He was born and raised in that wild place, where his father met an untimely end when Wee Jimmie was only four. That incident gave him a fear of all things spidery, which he hasn't quite managed to shake. They continued to live in the Highlands, his mother and he, until he was eight. Eventually, concerned with the increasingly adventurous nature of her offspring as much as the ongoing warfare in the area, his mother packed up all their possessions. They travelled through perilous roads, and dangerous lands, and first settled in the region of Thelsamar, Loch Modan; but his mother now held concerns about the encroachment of dark influences on the opposing shore. When Wee Jimmie was fourteen, the pair shifted again, ending up in the Elwynn Forest, in the hills just out of Stormwind. His mother settled in with a homely fellow who trapped and skinned animals for their meat and leather. He passed on some of this skill to Jimmie, and the advice that "an animal was a creature of Elune", and that to make waste of it was disrespectful. Jimmie took to the art of skinning quite well, with only a few minor cuts. It didn't take long for the lad to find his way to Stormwind, where he became enamoured with the sights and sounds of combat from those who trained up by the keep.


His Ma became resigned to the fact that her son was going to end up "mad keen for a brawlin'", just like his late father. She figured that him training up to be a warrior was probably the safest thing - at least there would be others around to keep an eye on him! Wee Jimmie enjoyed the camaraderie of others who were there to "fight for a noble cause". He also encountered many of the unusual beverages on offer in Stormwind, and became somewhat of a connossieur to the distinctive tastes of each. His tastes have even expanded to the other side of the realm, with the aid of the somewhat naive Night Elf Brillig. A natural love of most things edible also encouraged him to take control of the cooking when on patrol with his fellow trainees. Now operating on his own as a sword-for-hire, and general seeker of action, Wee Jimmie makes a living on the side by skinning animals, making some items from their hides, and selling both skins, hides, and patchings for armour. His wandering has taken him to the doorstep of many strange lands, but his naievity and great good humour has served as a positive foil to his occupation, which might be the only reason nobody in the Alliance has killed him - yet! He is also conscientious about writing home to his Ma', at least once a week. It takes a little while, but he tries to print his words as neatly as possible.

Adopt an Orphan? Me?Edit

Jimmie was walking through the great square, admiring the Cathedral of Stormwind. He had just purchased a sizeable quantity of fine mead, which he had intended to take and cellar with the bank, when a matron called out to him. The upshot was, five minutes later he found himself responsible for a young boy. Enthused, he determined to show the child the many exciting places that he himself had travelled through as a youth - forgetting of course that these places had been and still were quite dangerous. Taking a drink to bolster his nerves (he didn't know how to talk to children any better than he knew how to talk "polite" with young ladies), the unlikely duo set off. Much of it seemed to pass in an alcoholic haze, although he remembered injuring himself most painfully after "falling" off the Great Dam, and he had the faintest feeling of embarrassment that he had tried flirting with Jaina Proudmoore. He couldn't quite recall this, but he remembered that his hopes had been dashed for the future of the young child when the boy announced his desire to become a Banker, "just like those Night Elfs in Darnassus." The child still hadn't changed his mind, even when Jimmie had returned him miraculously in one piece back to the Orphanage. His disappointment was lifted slightly by the receiving of a fine pet rat for his troubles, and he was fairly sure that Miss Jaina wouldn't remember his foolish behaviours, with all the numerous warriors coming and going in the area. Leastaways, that is what he hopes.

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