Will (Willarthen) DeBeastEdit

Race: Tauren
Age: 40 (about 21 in human terms)
Birthplace: Mulgore
Class: Shaman
Professions: Skinner, Leatherworker
Affiliations: Horde; member of the Zephyr Crew

Appearance: Will's appearance is none to outstanding or striking by Tauren standards. Of an average height and build, he has shaggy brown and white fur and a scruffy black mane that defies all efforts to keep tidy. His small beard is braided, while he has small brown eyes and large nostrils that he is somewhat self-conscious about. His ears seem to be constantly twitching, while he will often swish his tail around for no real reason. When irritated, annoyed or alarmed his mane tends to bristle up.

He wears a beaded necklace (a gift from his mother) around his neck at all times, but otherwise doesn't usually have anything too distinctive on hand. His armour, on the other hand, is an odd mish-mash of bits and pieces that he has gathered over time, topped off with a bright green shirt that was a gift from a friend.

Frankly, it looks pretty damned ugly.


Will prides himself on his calm and patient demeanor. He sees himself as being deeply spiritual, a part of the great and wondrous world around him. He often pauses to contemplate the world around him, especially at sites of great natural beauty. He sees himself as peaceful but, at the same time, he is more then willing to take up arms and fight to protect his lands, his people and his beliefs. He is very pensive about the environment, and can be unrelenting and merciless to those who would destroy it.

He usually doesn't have much to say, preferring to keep things short and simple. He's actually more then a bit shy, and is often at a loss for words around others. At the same time, he can produce occasional profound statements, but usually only after stopping to think about it for a while.

While he prides himself on his spiritual nature, Will can often be a little absent-minded. Not slow or stupid, he just sometimes can take some time to think through things, and occasionally forgets what he is meant to be doing. When he relaises, he will often run off to do whatever it was, muttering to himself over his mistake. "A truly wise Shaman wouldn't have left the water jug behind" is a sample of the sort of things he says when he's in such a mood.

Unlike other members of the Horde, he does not have any real hatred towards the races of the Alliance. In fact, he has something of a grudging respect for the Night Elves. Conversely, he doesn't seem to like the Forsaken; he sees them as being "just kinda wrong, you know" but is rather bad at expressing the specifics. On the other hand, he can't seem to stand Blood Elves. Their magical addition seems to set him on edge, causing him to become rather jumpy and bad-tempered. The fact that the few Blood Elves he's met so far have been rather unpleasant people doesn't help any.

He refers to his mace as being a "Mulgorian Whapping Stick". He likes dancing, totems, singing, totems, laughing, totems, cheering, totems, bad puns and Kodjulas, his riding. Kodo Will has no dress sense at all.



Will is from Mulgore. His family fought Centurs for a while when he was younger.

He allways wanted to be a Shaman. He likes totems.

Um, there's really not much else to say.


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