Wisps and Spirits

Information Edit

The Wisps and Spirits Tavern is a neutral bar located in the beautiful Stormwind Park.

As a neutral establishment they welcome patrons of all races. Leave your issues at the door and take your fights outside. The staff is always working diligently to provide Azeroth with the best ale, a hot meal, and good company.

The Wisps and Spirits Tavern and it's staff are also available for hire. Whether you and a few friends are having a party, you are getting married, or throwing a ball. The Wisps and Spirits hosts, caters, and helps plan events for those who wish.

Current Hours of Operation: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:00pm ((st))

Events Edit

The Wisps and Spirits often runs events for both factions, either at the tavern, or different locations around the world.

Contacts Edit

The Wisps and Spirits is now owned and operated by The Forgotten Order

Lord Tekaan, Lady Measha, Paladin Advisor Agahmath, Rogue Advisor Tianha, Warrior Advisor Xanotos, Priest Advisor Akutali and Chaplain Eruanna.

((Wisps and Spirits Website, IC guestbook and forums and menu!))

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