Name: Wyeth Grimtotem
Status: Deceased
Race: Tauren
Age: 56 (by human standards)
Birthplace: The Barrens
Class: Shaman
Professions: Alchemy and Herbalism
Affiliations: Harbingers of War
Appearance: With the difficult life of a soldier behind her, Wyeth looks far older than she should. A chipped horn and painfully bad back teeth are signature looks for her, and her armour tends to fare no better. As with most Grimtotem, her fur is a deep black, though like Magatha, Wyeth has rather distinct white markings across her muzzle.


Crass, materialistic, and often an all around irritating kind of tauren, Wyeth has a serious streak that tends to manifest itself around people she dislikes. (Which, needless to say, happens fairly often.) Contrary to popular belief, violence is not her usual MO, prefering instead to use it as a last resort. The exception to the rule lies with her Grimtotem leanings, and any word of Magatha's is one to be jumped at. Immediately.

Despite these rather negative traits, she's not without the positive. Those that do have her respect also have her complete loyalty, though they may not often be aware of it. Wyeth is generally very accommodating to the Forsaken as well, being a very vocal advocate of 'leavin' em the hell alone', as 'they ain't done nothing that bad'.


Newly recruited to the Harbingers of War, she has a healthy amount of respect for one Vodral Zul'dren and the members of his posse. Though a band of scoundrels fighting unofficially for the Horde may be an odd fit for a Grimtotem, so far it's been working out quite well for her.

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