Name: Xoruka Ra
Guild: Harbingers of War
Race: Orc
Class: Shaman
Professions: Skinning and Herbalist
Age: 24
Birthplace: In a internment camp located somewhere in what is now known as the Eastern Kingdoms
Status: Active


Bright and youthful face sits upon on a tall, muscular frame.

((To complete her description, I am using the Character Diamond technique.))

ATHLETIC: She can hold a weapon and shield properly while her armour never seems to fit awkwardly. However, she is solely relying on her natural traits and some training from her grandfather to make (i.e fake) it through. She never wants to work at getting better in melee combat.

AFRAID: She has studied the histories and knows that Thrall is the measuring stick that all Shamans are measured by. She is afraid that she will not measure up in the terms of leadership and wisdom. She feels that she doesn't have the chops to lead. That and her shyness is sometimes overwhelming when it comes to people she does not know. She is working on overcoming her shyness.

ACUTE: As an only kid of a very well-to-do family, Xoruka was afforded the very best tutors in all the land. Thus, Xoruka excelled in her studies through the combination of hard work and incredible understanding of the subjects at hand. Her friends say she should have studied to be a Mage but she doesn't see them doing both throwing fireballs and throwing heals. She wanted to do both. For the moment, she is far better at her Elemental studies than her Healing studies so perhaps her friends were right.

AFFECTIONATE: Xoruka wholeheartedly respects the discipline and the structure of the military might of the Horde. However, what other people call "guild", she calls family and doesn't hesitate for a second to show love and affection to those who are close to her (especially in a casual setting). This type of behavior doesn't startle most of the Orcs, Taurens, Trolls however the Forsaken have yet to warm up to the idea of a "hug".


Beyond her mother, father and grandfather, she has not many other relatives to speak of. Once an active member of the Night Vanguard, she used to roam from town to town, outpost to outpost in search of a purpose.

She has come across many families that would have her but many of them (like so many other guilds in the Horde) lack stability. They would form and disband on a simple whim. Still, for the time being, she has a found a place and purpose with the Harbingers of War and for right now, it is more than enough.


"Damn, the sun is as bright as always", Xoruka thinks to herself as she steps out of her family's home in Orgrimmar.

A day that is like any other day except Xoruka will start her journey to explore all the lands of Azeroth and the lands that are in the best interest of the Horde. Her journey will also take her to the tribes and kingdoms of the Tauren, Trolls and Undead and try to learn more about the world and how it impacts her life. This journey should not be such an epic undertaking but Xoruka hasn't seen much outside Durotar. Due to the impact of the war right before her birth, her parents have tried to protect her from the destruction and evils of war and shield her from outside influences. Despite her parent's best efforts, Xoruka's intelligence and youthful curiosity had gotten the best of her as she began to study war, politics and diplomacy on top of her intense study of all things elemental.

She didn't know much but it was quite evident that those who rose to great power and brought great honour to their people did so by forging and maintaining great alliances and overcame mass ignorance and racism to accomplish something for the greater good. She sees that very greatness in the Horde and for as much history as she is able to study, she appreciates what Thrall had to accomplish and sacrifice in order to conquer such lofty goals.

Inspired as such, Xoruka wants to walk in Thrall's footsteps, quite literally. From his birth into slavery to the leader of the greatest kingdom in the lands, Xoruka felt as though she could better appreciate and perhaps begin to feel a stronger connection to what makes the Horde as it is today.

Just as history suggested, she knows she cannot do this alone.

She would hope that she could prove herself worthy enough to serve the Horde honourably. Until that day, there is so much she needs to experience.


She had heard the rumours of certain changes within the Horde. Even if the rumours were true or not, she was critically outspoken against these changes. Even the slight thought of those changes kept her withdrawn from the Night Vanguard and eventually for all the Horde. She shelled up. With these changes, she felt that she had no place within the Horde. For that, she left a farewell letter to Alexander and left the colours of the Night Vanguard behind. She didn't even say goodbye to her surrogate sister, Morgania.

She volunteered for more and more assignments to places within Azeroth that civilization is but a mere afterthought. She continued her studying and eventually she accomplished her lifelong goal of retracing the path of Thrall on his way to becoming the Warchief. But that accomplishment left a sense of emptiness rather than joy. She had nobody to share with. She thought, if nothing else, that walking that trail would reveal something more. It did not.

She had no purpose and no family to speak of.

After her nearly year long sabbatical, she comes back to Orgrimmar only to be subjected to the same rumours. Only now, these rumours were starting to become truths. She also has noticed that a few of the original colours were still flying. Leaders and families have changed hands. Only those friends that she had served with in Warsong, Arathi and Alterac are somewhat still around but they have changed families to names she have never heard of.

She tried these new families. She tried making new friends. But so many of the time that the dye on her tabard wasn't even dried before she received the notice that the charter was no more.

She thought to herself, "We have worked so diligently and struggled so hard to make the alliance between the Forsaken and the Horde work. Through all of this, the Horde lacks a great deal of stability within the ranks. That instability nothing to do with the Forsaken. There strength is a part of us now. But are we strong enough to think about another alliance? Can we survive another merging of forces?"

"I don't know how it needs to be done but I have got to get my act together. I have got to do everything I can to make this work. I used to be a Diplomat but I could not even adapt to changes quick enough. I know now that I cannot be the leader that Thrall is. But I can still make a difference. I can still serve. Night Vanguard doesn't have a place for me but there is one family that will respond to war. If the fate of Azeroth lies in bloodshed, then so be it."

She sent an letter of application to the Warcaller of the Harbingers.

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