Basic Information Edit

Name: Yasiin, but her last name is unknown, and she doesn't give it out willingly. She also goes by th ename 'Yas'
Race: Orc
Age: 17
Body Type: Dinky for an orc, barely taller then some Forsaken
Birthplace: Assumed to be somewhere in the Eastern Kingdoms
Clan: At least half Dragonmaw. What the other half is no one really knows, Yas says it's Black Tooth
Class: Rogue

Description Edit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Yasiin is quite young and her looks do not hide it. And despite her personality, Yasiin is very small for an orc, almost the same size as a forsaken. She makes up for her lack of size with speed and dexterity, and carries herself with no small amount of confidence.

Her stance often gives the impression of a unruly animal: While she can move silently, she does not do so with much grace. Her face is nearly always twisted into a snarl, and very rarely does she wear another expression. Her actions also do not help this impression, as she is very implusive and violent.


Yasiin is hardly charming. Rude, vicious, and violent, she is not the friendlist of people. She has of pissing others off and getting into brawls

Yasiin is also very arrogant, as she makes it very well-known what her job is, and the sorts of 'obstacles' she removes for the right price.

Yasiin is also not regarded as much of a thinker. Her crude way of speaking is at times barely comphrensible, muddled both by her accent and her tendacy to ignore grammar. She is also higy implusive, and acts without thinking.

Affiliations Edit

Only known Affiliations is with the band called The Trade Of Blades, and the Goblin known as Rizzle Goldgrubber of Booty Bay.


Yasiin however has chosen to wear the colors of a Horde Scout rather then the tabard of the Trade Of Blades. She never confesses Allegiance to any faction beyond the Horde, and considering her claim that she will do any job for the right price, many are way of the truth in both statements.

The connection to Rizzle is weak, as she basically uses the Goblin to write her letters, not caring that he always puts an ad for his services on the bottom.

History Edit


Yasiin's only known family was her mother. Yasiin has said that her mother died after the orcs came to Kalimdor and was buried in Durotar near a town that would become Razorhill. Yasiin, however, has barely mentioned anything else of her mother, as Yasiin does not like to talk of her mother, often to the point of refusing to speak of her.


Yasiin claims to be raised in one of the internment camps from a very young age, and was possibly even born there. She says that her mother took her as a young orc along with Thrall's escape, and then settled on Kalimdor before her death.

She also refuses to state where her accent came from, instead saying: "Mah Ma talked like dis, is dere anythin' wrong wit' dat?"

Military CareerEdit

Yasiin was first assigned to begin her training under in the the Morshan Outriders. She trained hard and quickly advanced. However, once she learned that her commander had slept with a Night Elf, she quickly began to despise him. When Jadenala left the unit, taking her wife with her, Yasiin left both the severely weakened unit and military service for good.

Jadenala then had the idea to start a mercenary company. Yasiin did not show much interest at first, and joined to make ends meet. However, the mercenary life has grown on Yasiin, and she has taken well to it.

Miscellaneous Edit

She refers to her mount as 'Sashan'. Well, sometimes, other times it's 'Stupid dog' or something less repeatable. Oddly enough, both mounts have carried the name.

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