Basic StatisticsEdit


Name: Yeman'jayo Badagris

Race: Troll

Class: Warrior

Professions: Blacksmithing and Mining

Affiliations: Big Booty, Cirque des Mystéres

Age: 30 years old

Hair: Blue-Green

Eyes: Red

Fur: Iridescent Blue




Yeman is a jovial Troll who seems wise beyond his years. He is very religious, practicing a form of Voodoo exclusive to a small, secretive house, or group of Trolls scattered throughout Kalimdor. Though even in the Darkspear tribe, women are still treated as less-than-equals, Yeman strives to shake off that stereotype, and is enraged at the social structure of Troll society that would deny females of any species their rights. Speaking condescendingly to a woman is a surefire way to provoke his wrath, and he does not hesitate to curse and hex those who cross him. He admires the Zandalar trolls more than any other, wanting from an early age to join them one day in any way he can. He takes his surname from one of the Loa Gods his sect worships, Ogoun Badagris. He honors Ogoun through his profession as a warrior and blacksmith, though his true Master is the beautiful female Loa Ezili Freda. He himself faces some prejudice from his own culture, not because of his dealings with the secretive Voodoo sect, but because of deeper, more personal predilections.


Born in Shadowprey Village, Yeman lived a mostly good life with his mother. The centaur were something of an annoyance every now and again, but for the most part Yeman did not have to experience the violence that came from the periodic fights between his people and the "Horse-assed Barbarians" as his mom called them. He had a brother, named Kol. Older and more experienced than he, but not by much. Where Kol preferred the rough and tumble games boys play, Yeman preferred to stay close to his mother, and helped her with the domestic tasks rather than leave her to do them alone. He was loved by the women of his village and felt at home amongst them, but the boys and men of the village looked down at him, and insulted his mother for letting him get so "soft". When adolescence came, Yeman found that what others called a "bad phase" was actually a permanent thing. He realized the enmity other villagers had for him now, and it hurt him. The older he became, the less it was said out loud, but the more he knew they were uttering curses at him in secret. In Troll society, there is nothing bad about killing a "batty boy" as he was called, a very derogatory term. In fact, if someone like Yeman lived alone, without the strength and power of his mother, it was very plausible to see that troll crumpled at the base of a tree the next morning, stoned to death. Yeman was, luckily, safe beneath the wing of his priest mother.


But one night, years later, when he was a grown man able to make it on his own, his mother experienced what would end her life. She was beaten and raped by a gang of humans who had taken it upon themselves to raid the village. Yeman watched helplessly, not strong enough to bruise any of the men, let alone kill them. He did not know how to fight, or defend himself for that matter. The men left his mother's body strewn up on the face of the mountain where it would take some work to bring it down and give it proper ceremony. The following night, as if by some magic, as if a spell had been lifted upon his mother's death, a group of men from the village found Yeman in his home, and had every intent to stone him. They said his abomination brought a curse upon the village, and his mother deserved to die for not getting rid of him herself. By some stroke of luck he was able to escape the swarm, though he was badly beaten. He wandered along the roads of Desolace alone, at the mercy of centaur and the Mannoroc Coven. He collapsed near a mostly-Tauren installation in the hills, and they took him in and nursed him the best they could. He eventually found himself in Orgrimmar, where there were more experienced doctors and nurses to tend to him. There he lived for a short while after he had been restored. He stayed with an orc family in the Drag when he began to hear the call of the Loa in him. They ordered him to become strong, and take vengeance upon those who would harm him, and those who harmed his mother. He met a traveling Troll priest who saw great potential in him for greatness, and invited him to the rituals of "Cirque des Mystéres". There, he met warriors and priests and shamans. All Trolls who accepted him for who he was. They were a secret group, and upon initiating Yeman, they ordered him to seek out the goals the Loa had placed unto him and live his destiny. He was blessed by the Warrior Loa Ogoun, but discovered the master of his head was Ezili Freda, a loa rarely worshipped by other voodoo practitioners. Ezili was the patron loa for all men like him, and she placed special protection upon such children.

With the strength of Ogoun and the confidence of Ezili, Yeman took a new name, adding Jayo to represent his love of Ezili, and taking Badagris to honor the power of Ogoun. He traveled to the Valley of Trials to begin his new life, and has since grown stronger and more powerful beneath the watchful eye of his new family in the shadows.




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