Yig War Wyvern
Game Information
Race Troll
Class Hunter
Guild Bad Moon Rising
Professions Skinning


Windserpent Veterinarian
Vital Statistics
Height 8.1 ft
Weight 210 lbs
Build Well-toned
Hair Blood red
Eyes Amber
Personal Information
Age 22
Birthplace Stranglethorn Vale
Marital Status Taken
Pets Byakhee (Windserpent)
Tindalos (warpstalker)
Family (cousin) Lizra, Evrin

Appearance Edit

Yig's is tall with light blue skin long tusks and a fit built. Her eye's are two different colours one amber the other is a pale yellow as if it is faded like a scar. She has long dark red hair that's tied into eight braids each knotted at the ends with small animal skulls or claws.

Personality Edit

Comming soon

History Edit

Coming soon

Pets Edit

Byakhee Edit

Found on the coast of Dustwallow Marsh Byakhee was in poor shape when she was found by Yig. After feeding and nursing the large white Windserpent back to health neither serpent or Troll seemed in hurry to part company. And so a lasting bond was formed between the pair that has endured through some of the most trying times.

Tindalos Edit

Coming Soon

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