Yogh is a horde-side rp guild that hopes to integrate casual raiding in the future. We do not require any specific classes or races to join. Yogh's purpose as a role playing guild is to make it easier for players to interact and share their stories with other members of the community.

We want characters of all races and classes, and it doesn't matter if you are a main or alt (as long as you contribute to the guild in some way). Though Yogh has a fairly lenient stance on rp styles, we do require that all members keep within the Warcraft universe.

Anyone wishing to join the guild can be invited right away (if we are online of course), but will need to fill out a short application and send a short summary of their character if they wish to remain in the guild for more than a week.

Members are expected to keep conversations outside of instances and general channels IC, though it is completely up to each group if they want to rp. We have a channel for extended OOC conversations.

For more information about Yogh, contact Noirin or Keaton in game, or email us at or

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