Zachary Jonathan HanningtonEdit

Race: Forsaken
Age: 22 at death. Around 25 now.
Birthplace: Westfall
Class: Rogue
Professions: Skinner/Leatherworker
Affiliations: None

Appearance: Though he was once very handsome and living. He no longer holds those two qualities. His once long black hair is now a dead covering for his head. Though he looks more alive then most of his kind, his body is now thin. Once tanned skin is now pale. Where blue eyes once greeted you, you see nothing but glowing eyes.


Zachary is a strange one. Usually very polite and well mannered. Some might consider him anti-social, but he would call him self selective. Though hard, he tries to smile as much as he can, and send out a positive message. Seemingly happy and very kind. Unless you loose his trust that is...




Born to a farming family in the peaceful community of Westfall. His father and mother were old, some said to old to have children. With his fathers growing age, and his mothers in-ability to work the farm. Zac learned at an early age how to put in a good days work. Planting crops, harvesting them, milking cows and feeding chickens. He never had many friends as a child. Work on the farm was always his first job. He had one close friend, Jethrik. A farmer boy from the farm across the road. The two of them were best friends.

Devestation of WestfallEdit



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