Race: Troll
Age: 21
Birthplace: Echo Islands, South Seas
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailor, Enchanter
Affiliations: Horde

Appearance: Zaf'Kiel's appearance is none to extraordinary. She is of average height and build for a troll, with flat blue skin and shockingly bright red hair. Her eyes are an angry red colour, and she often seems to be glaring at the world with an expression of barely-contained rage. While nominally a priestess, everything about her suggests a great deal of anger; she clenches her staff tightly, and seems to be ready to explode at the world around her.

Her equipment is rather simple and plain, but at the same time it is well looked after. A lot of it, such as the robes, she made herself.


As a priestess, Zaf'Kiel maintains an outer aura of calmness. Regardless of the situation, she tries to remain serene and patient, doing her best to aid her comrades in battle while keeping a level head. She is always willing to help others out, and will gladly aid total strangers in their quests. She honestly believes in the Horde's cause, believing that cooperation is the best way towards peace and prosperity for all its member races.

Or at least, she used to be.

Nowadays, Zaf'keil is a cauldron of early-contained rage, ready to boil over and explode at a moment's notice. She is perpetually angry, snapping at even the most minor of irritations. Any disagreements are met with furious shouting, while request for aid are usually snubbed. And whereas she previously used her staff as a purely defensive weapon, she now seems to almost enjoy beating people with it.


Zaf'Kiel had always wanted to be a priestess and serve her people. After she met the Orcs lead by Thrall, that dedication became stronger in her; she wanted to do all she could to to support the new Horde that he had created. To her, serving the Horde was a great honour, one that she hoped that she could live up to. She spent many hours training and practicing, doing all she could to study the healing arts. Then, after much work, she felt that she was ready to set out to see the world.

Only she discovered that nobody wanted to see her.

Every time she offered her name to someone, she was met with blatant blunt hostility. People she had never met before seemed to know who she was, and, more to the point, seemed to already have some problem with her. Things could go fine up until a point - and that point being when somebody asked her what her name was. Then it all went downhill. As the situation continued, she became more and more angry about it. It became clear that everyone assumed she was responsible for some horrible act that she had never committed.

So she swore to find out what was going on and who was behind this - and then beat the living hell out of them.

Zaf'keil went missing several weeks ago; all efforts to track her down have failed.

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