Race: Blood Elf
Age: 166
Birthplace: Quel’Thalas
Class: Warlock
Professions: Tailoring, Enchanting
Affiliations: None as yet

Appearance: Zafkiel is tall slender and well-toned, despite his studious profession. He wears his platinum-blond hair perfectly straight and immaculately neat, and his eyes glow with an inner green light. He wears his flowing, elaborate robes with pride, as if they were a badge of office.


Zafkiel is arrogant, overbearing and condescending, yet at the same time charismatic and persuasive. He looks down on all the other races of Azeroth, treating them with anything from polite condescention to outright hostility. Yet throughout, he is impeccably polite, even through a sneer.

To other Blood Elves his is far more pleasant. He regards his people as the height of society and civilization, and assumes all other Blood Elves view the world similarly. In the company of his own kind, his is friendly, lively and pleasant, freely sharing stories of the world and his own accomplishments.

He sees the Horde and its disparate factions as a convenient aid to his people’s goals, and treats its members with careful disdain. To him, they are little more than children to be placated, even to their leaders. He spares particular contempt for the Forsaken, however, and doesn’t bother to hide his disgust for their kind and habits.

He finds less love, though more respect for the alliance. He speaks with open admiration of the many accomplishments of both Dwarves and Humans, despite their perceived foolishness. He holds particular contempt for Night Elves however, and seems to blame most of the world’s problems upon them and their supposed arrogance.


Born and raised in the magnificent kingdom of Quel’Thalas, Zafkiel took to magical studies with enthusiasm and ease. He proved an able, if somewhat irritating student; he was far more focused on the magical power he saw as an end goal than the fundamental building blocks he was meant to be learning. Nonetheless, determination carried him through despite his attitude and he qualified as a capable battle mage.

He saw service in the second war, supporting large units throughout Lordaeron. Though impressed with the destruction he wrought, he felt it paled next to the raw power wielded by Orc warlocks. More than anything else, he envied the ability to control a demon through sheer force of will. Upon the end of the war, he returned to Quel’Thalas, and took up a new form of magical study.

His unlearning and research was interrupted by the Scourge invasion of his homeland. He felt powerless before them, unable to complete even the most basic shadow spells that would be the foundations of his future power. He fled in shame, and as with many High Elves took to wandering the world. Zafkiel moved with purpose however, and after the war’s end he examined firsthand both the remaining demons on Azeroth and the warlocks of the other races.

In time he returned to the rebuilt Quel’Thalas with his head held high. Now devoted to his new life as a blood elf and his new pursuit of power, he turned his sights to Outland as did many of his people. Yet he was not determined to reunite with his missing fellows; rather he knew that the greatest secrets of demonology lay in that shattered land. Weakness was behind him; glory ahead.

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