Zaliron Al'Malite
Game Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Warlock
Guild Syndicate of Secrets
Professions Tailor
Vital Statistics
Height 5'9"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Long, orange
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Age 25 in Human terms
Birthplace Silvermoon
Pets Various demons
Family Father: Nastris
Mother: Vannaris
Brother: Ralizon


Zaliron only dresses himself in the most elaborate of clothing to show off his wealth, rather wearing a long-sleeve suit instead of a raggedy short-sleeve, even in hot weather. Every part of his body looks and even smells like it has been cleaned ten times in one day (which is probably true). He always walks upright and proud which matches his personality.


If you are a woman: If you're a blood elf, he'll hit on you. If you're not a blood elf and he finds you attractive and clean enough, he'll hit on you. He uses his wealth and power to manipulate many-a-woman to sleep with him.
If you are a man: He'll constantly brag about how much better-looking he is than you and, should you be with a lady friend, will attempt to persuade her over to her side. Though he usually fails due to an overload of pride.

The Mana Bomb IncidentEdit

After participating in a conspiracy against Zaliron, the warlock managed to stay in his home for a little while in his home in Silvermoon. Eventually, however, he was branded a criminal, causing him to try fleeing the city. Unfortunately he had no choice but to take the back route to Tirisfal through the Court of the Sun. During his escape he came in contact with the head magister. Rommath set off a Mana bomb directly at Zaliron, who used his right arm instinctively as a shield. The direct contact and severity of magical intake caused his body to go into a half-wretched half-normal transition, particularly at his right arm. Eventually, with the aid of the human priest Tonsos, he managed to recover. However, his arm is still heavily sensitive to magic and looks grotesque, which is why he keeps it covered at all times.

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