Name: Zaltukari Jal'vex
Race: Troll (Gurubashi)
Professions: Mining and Enchanting
Age: Young adult
Birthplace: Zul' Gurub
Current Residence: Has been staying in the Crossroads or Camp Taurajo.
Specialization: Shootin' things down. (Marksmanship)
Past: Zaltukari was born in a horrid time. Zul' Gurub, once a mighty troll empire, had fallen to Hakkar the Soulflayer. The Atal'ai Priests summoned him, but hell came down to the trolls, and Hakkar was unstoppable. Zaltukari, being born in a time when Hakkar had full power over the empire, ment he had no freedom of his own. His parents, who are unknown, gave him the gift of life and started his training at a young age to become a Beast Master. After a year had passed of training, a group of Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, and short men who looked rather tasty invaded the empire, then began to slay everything in their path. Zaltukari, afraid and furious, promised he would slay all these monsters on sight.

Barely escaping the destruction, Zaltukari grew up in Stranglethorn Vale, and became good friends with all the animals. Fufilling his parents dream, he decided he would want one beast of his own, but still be a threat. At Grom' gol base camp, a new general named Aggro'gosh told him to travel to Durotar, where other trolls roamed with the aid of orcs. He traveled to the Valley of Trials, with the aid of the Zepplin. There he began his quest as a hunter. Sworn to one day taste the blood of Hakkar, the Alliance, and any who stood in his way, Zaltukari was prepared for anything.
Relations: Zaltukari doesn't know about his family much, but he does know that they live as workers for Hakkar. Some scientists say he has royal blood, but it is unsure and highely unlikely.
Affiliation: Harbingers of War
Appearance: Zaltukari wears the colors of his Gurubashi ancestors with pride. Light green hair and blue paint on his face resemble the gurubashi empire, whose colors were also blue and green. His blueish-green skin and red eyes show he had been born under the Gurubashi and is pissed off. Being raised under the Orcs at Grom'gol base camp for mos of his life, his accent is recongnizable, but a little less Trollish. His voice occasionaly has no accent at all, speaking perfect Orcish. His sword and bow are his survival tools, along with his Beast.




Ressan is a one-of-a-kind Albino bat. Before he was in Zaltukari's care, he was a rarely seen bat who was known by 'Ressan the Needler' because of his amazing attack power against unsuspecting victims. Zaltukari saw this rare animal and fell in love with its appearence and power. After a grueling taming process with one failed attempt, Zaltukari may had bit off more than he could chew.

Exetremely jumpy and active, he makes up for everything Zaltukari is too tired to do. Being as entergetic as he is, he helps Zaltukari by taking the damage during fights. He can keep the enemy focused on him instead of Zaltukari, whose doing the REAL damage with his arrows. This dynamic duo makes quite a great team. The only problem is that keeping up with Ressan's fussy food habits of only Fruit and Fungus make it hard to find food for him.
Met: Tisifal Glades
Status: Main pet, Best Friend
Diet: Fruit and Fungus
Orginal Name: Ressan the Needler
Favorite things to do: Fly around in circles around people until they notice him.



1. He has a greatest hatred to Gnomes more than any other race.
2. He takes great pride in his Aimed Shot.
3. He plans to NEVER go to Moonglade or Ashenvale.
4. He loves the desert and high places.
5. He fears Nagas.
6. He screams to people when he's drunk.
7. He has eaten a gnome.
8. He always sets a trap in front of his bed before he goes to sleep.
9. He hates all crocodiles.
10. He loves reading books about the history of Kalimdor - and only Kalimdor.
11. He loves to dance.
12. He has better eyesight than anyone in the guild. ANYONE.
13. He has been caught kissing a bat.
14. He thinks using frost trap on large monsters (Kodos for example) is HILARIOUS.
15. He has been kissed by a Night Elf.
16. He wishes he could tame a giraffe.
17. He kills every Rat he sees.
18. He prefers doing tasks on his own, unless they are too difficult.
19. One of his beliefs is that "Everything is better new."
20. He has slain many Kolkars for his own amusement.

Favorite ThingsEdit

Food: Snapvine Watermelon...So juicy!
Drink: Ice Cold Milk...It's really ICE COLD!
Quote: Orc - I can kill a Night Elf with my bare hammer.
Dance: The troll male...duh!
Attack: Aimed Shot...BOOM AIMED SHOT!
Skill: Track Beasts...Never search for a rare spawn again.
Place: The Crossroads....Inn.
Thing to say: De alliance are skum. Yah, SKUM. ... Self-Explanitory.
Book: Old Hatreds - The Colonization of Kalimdor...Its so interesting!

Least Favorite ThingsEdit

Food: Spongey Morel...At least my pet likes it.
Drink: Conjured Purified Water....Pure?
Quote: Alliance - BUR....We know you're laughing at us.
Dance: Human male....Don't wave that at us. Please.
Attack: Scorpid Sting/Serpent Sting...I don't dislike them, just they can't be put together!
Skill: Track Undead...Pretty hard to miss them, this is useless until level 50.
Place: Ashenvale...Never been there, never will go.
Thing to say: Can I put need on dat?....Makes me sound dumb.
Book: Khazgorm's Journal...Woke. Ate. Mined. Ate. Inspected. Ate. Slept.

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