The BasicsEdit

Full Name: Zeakie (no last name given)
Title: Aventurer and Explorer, Corporal
Race: Gnome, Female
Class: Warrior
Age: 80 to 90- She stopped keeping track long ago, feeling it was pointless to do so. She is not quite middle-aged.
Professions: Herbalism and Enchanting
Affiliations: Recruit of The Scarlet Knights


Her appearance is deceiving, compared to her personality. She keeps herself very clean, and enjoys looking presentable. Her brown hair is tied neatly in buns, and her face is fairly average with a serious expression. Her skin is darkened with years of travel, and she has many, many pale scars- neatly tended to, of course, as not to leave ugly marks. When on the road she loves wearing large, shiney armor- the more intimidating, the better. In town, she pulls out her very pretty red dress and typically has a few flower tucked in her hair.

Traits and PersonalityEdit

Zeakie is the epitome of fearlessness. She will stand up to a dragon if he breaths on her wrong, and has confronted fighters much stronger than herself before. She will charge into battle at the first call, and is quick to defend Alliance fronts. All the while, she holds no notion of herself as a hero or a protector. She does it all with a sense of adventure and exploration. She is almost never sad or bitter, though sometimes her temper can flare dangerously.

Zeakie lives her life one moment at the time, never considering the results of her actions or the future. Her goals are few and set in stone, but everything else is based on a whim. She loves exploring undiscovered areas, many times putting herself in danger. She is a spender, not understanding the value of gold over material things. She would much rather have a beautiful belt than a pocket full of change- this sometimes gets in the way of her goals. She loves being around people, though can manage quite well on her own if needed. Above all, she has an unmatched sense of adventure and fun, sometimes putting aside more important matters.

She has a bad habit of speaking her mind, sometimes getting a foot-in-mouth result. She can sometimes be considered annoying to those with little patience, and must be looked upon as a disobedient child at times. She gets distracted very easily, so lessons and quests do not come easy to her. She is also moderately obsessive-compulsive about staying clean, though is able to put this issue aside when traveling and in battle.

She is honorable, and will never theive or betray trust to the surprise of many. She is also an excellent shot with a bow, wishing sometimes she was more nature-inclined as to be a hunter.


For the most part, Zeakie does not speak of her past. She considers it pointless, and does not understand how others can care so much about it (mostly Humans).


Zeakie was born in Ironforge and was raised alongside Dwarves. Her parents were scholars who taught magic, spells, and whatnot to others in the city. None of this ever interested Zeakie, as she was likely to be found in the Military district conversing with the fighters. She loved reading up on military history, and admired the strong Dwarves she met every day. When she was old enough to venture out on her own, she enlisted the help of the city's warrior trainer to set her on her path. She always knew she would be a fighter. She never had the patience for magic, nor she desire to sit for long periods of time memorizing spells. She spent the next few years honing her skills and strengthening herself, defending Dun Morogh against the evils of trolls, troggs, and yetis.



She served for a time in the Second War, but was miserable at the sight of so much death and anger. Not feeling any emotional ties to Gnomeregan, she was not present at the fight to save it, instead opting to once again serve the Alliance in the Third War. She left the war as a Corporal, a title she never felt deserving of. Though against large-scale wars such as the ones she served in, she still participates in small battles at Alliance fronts and keeps the best interest of her people and the Alliance at heart.

Present DayEdit

She is currently protecting the Alliance from threats on a smaller scale, mostly fighting corruption and the spawning of certain evils. Her home lately has been in Duskwood, but she is starting to feel restless there. The once-invigorating challenge of protecting the citizens of Darkshire from the undead has turned into a dull duty. It seems every week that old hermit convinces somebody to help him construct a new abomination!

Recently, Zeakie has joined ranks with the Scarlet Knights. Though the tabard is still stiff and itchy (and has that strange fresh-woven smell), she wears it with pride.


Zeakie has decided that the protection of her friends and allies has become of the upmost importance to her. Though she enjoyed rushing headlong into battle without care or fear, the idea of leaving her friends behind to fend for themselves strikes her with sorrow. Upon talking with her trainer, he agreed to teach her how to defend herself and others using a proper shield. This has posed quite a challenge, but Zeakie, as always, confronts it with a positive attitude.

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