Name: Zefram
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Professions: Mining and Armorsmith
Age: Middle-aged(about 50)
Birthplace: Lordaeron
Current Residence: Stormwind
Specialization: Tanking
Affiliation: The Holy Light, Cathedral of Light
Alignment: Lawful Good
Appearance: An older man with a bald head and grayed goatee. His somber face tells the story of his life through the wrinkles of many hard years.


Zefram was born into a poor family who lived on farm land near Lordaeron. Due to complications at birth, Zeframs mother passed away moments after his birth. His father was devisated at the loss of his wife and spent the rest of his life resenting Zefram for her death.

As far as childhoods go Zeframs was rather typical. He started to apprentice blacksmithing under his fathers watchful eye. And even though his father was resetful towards Zefram, he never once layed a hand on him and did his best to provide for his son. His father also taught him to read and to write and the value of education. His father always said, "Zefram, you may be the son of a blacksmith. But you'll always know more than the riches aristocrat! And that is always something to be proud of, son!" He took his fathers teaching to heart and after he finish his chores he'd travel into town and go to the libraries. At first they wouldn't let him in, but the kind old man (who's name Zef has forgotten but will always remember for his kindness) who ran it allowed Zef entrance... so long as he stayed quiet and returned the books and scrolls where he got them from. It was there that Zefram first read about the heroic deeds of the paladins and of the Light. The tales would inspire his imagination well into his adult years.

Years past and now Zefram was a teen, still doing his chores early in the morning and spending the rest of the day reading and studying. After one day of reading he'd return home and never forget what he saw... It was his fathers birthday and he wanted to do the cooking for his father that night so Zef returned home ealry. When he got home his father was laying on the gorund in a pool of his own blood. Zefram rushed over to his father to help. He found his father barely alive. Zefram was told what had happened, some brigands had come wandering up the road and saw Zef's dad attaching horse shoes to the neighbors horses. The brigands threatened Zef's father and shoved him to the ground, one stood over him dagger drawn while the other forced open the door to Zeframs house to see what there was to take. Zeframs father explained that he and his son were simple blacksmiths and had nothing of value, and after a moment the one who went inside the house re-emerged into the sunlight and said he was right, nothing worth taking... except his life. The one standing over Zef's father drove the dagger into the chest of Zeframs father twice and once in the belly.

Zefram heard his father tell him what happened and as each moment passed his words got weaker and weaker. At the end all Zefram heard was a choking noise but saw that his father had mouthed, "I love you." The next instant Zeframs father was gone.

((More to come, it's late and I'm tired.))

Relations Edit

Father: Deceased, murdered.
Mother: Deceased, died from complications during Zeframs birth.

No other known blood relations.

Wife: Deceased

Zefram has no children.

Personality(s) Edit


Zef has 3 known personalities, his normal self, a masked hero, and a cross dresser. It is widely believed that Zef developed the multible personalities when he was traveling to Tanaris to visit a friend but got lost in the Silithus desert on the way. Not much is known about his time in the desert. What is known is that he didn't have much food or water and was found 8 months later, drunk, wearing a tattered wedding dress and talking to the mailbox in Gadgetzan. The gnomes thought he was just a broke street performer.

Zef was taken to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind to get help. It took several weeks for him to re-adjust and get back to his normal self. When he's normal, Zefram is well... just that normal. He ussually stays in the Cathedral studying or volunteering for the orphanage. However, Zefram's other personalities take over often.

The Masked Wonder is the masked hero personality that comes out very late at night. the MW is the ultimate paladin, helping everyone he can to have a better day, stopping criminals, showing orphans around Azeroth, etc. Many inside the Cathedral of Light speculate that this personality his Zef's subconcious working away at what Zefram deeply wishes and prays for... Peace for all citizens. Many believe that this personality is brought out when Zefram is feeling hopeless about the goings on around the world, he'll get depressed and the MW would take over.

Zefandra is the most troublesome personality that Zefram has. While he's under the control of Zefandra he's typically seen wandering Stormwind in a lovely purple dress. Most experts believe that this personality is brought out when Zefram is feeling alone and sad, ussually when he thinks about his wife. While members of the Cathedral of Light do not believe this personality to be overly harmfull, never the less they feel it should be monitered.

Typically Zefram is a mellow guy who'll sit down with you and chat over a pint if given a chance. However, given his multiple personality disorder he doesn't get out very much for fear of losing control and transforming into another person entirely. He is working very hard each day to learn to control it in hopes of one day beating it.

Adventures & StoriesEdit


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