General Information Edit

Full Name: Zeipher il lok Maladath (DECEASED)
Race: Draenei
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior
Professions: Jewelcrafting and Mining
Height: 7'10"
Weight: 100 kgs.
Eyes: Sapphire
Hair: Dark copper
Affiliations: Paradigm (guild) and Stormwind City Guard
Most Used Quote: "Be safe."

Physical DescriptionEdit

Zeipher towers over most others - even those of her own race - standing at 7'10" while supporting a sturdy frame holding 100 kilos of womanly strength. She's big, no question there.

Her eyes are nothing too remarkable, holding the same glow as any other of her race and bearing a sapphire tint. Hair is tied fast in two dark copper buns behind and just below her ears, though she will let it down when bathing and sleeping.

Skin and horns tell a tale of a life spent on the battlefield - scars to her blue flesh with scuff marks, cracks and chips taken out of her horns - it's obvious this one has suffered a fair amount of physical punishment. Thankfully, her face has avoided most of the damage - save a dark scar on her chin, just below the mouth and her left-most tendril is almost completely missing, having been cut off - so she maintains a rather beautiful and exotic face, despite her trials.

Often seen in full plate, sporting her guild's tabard or otherwise in a variety of dresses - though she's seldom seen without her trademark purple floppy hat while in town. Equipped for battle, she often keeps her dual battle-axes at her hips and armour is miss-matched pieces of plate, the best she's been able to scrounge up. On guard in Stormwind she sticks to her Imperial uniform, sports the Golden Lion of Stormwind crest on her shield and bears her Alliance tabard while wielding a fine long sword - often mistaken for a regular guard till the reverse legs, hooves and horns are noticed.



Rowdy, boisterous, forward and unafraid to offer an opinion. She's the type who'll approach someone on the street and start up a conversation for the sake of doing something interesting and because she honestly wants to get to know someone. Often trading jests and poking fun with no malice - combined with her rather thick skin - can lead her to starting off on the wrong hoof with some people.

Zeipher enjoys a good laugh, is friendly towards all races callings, save warlocks who she is a bit wary of but once she gets to know them, their consorting with demons is quickly forgotten. Willing to grant people the benefit of the doubt at times, she often tries to understand a situation before passing judgement.


The Path of the VindicatorEdit

Birth and Childhood

From Where She Came

Born in Shattrath, a few years after the founding of the city, Zeipher knew of no other worlds her people travelled to till they arrived on Draenor. Her father, being a middle-ranked Vindicator, brought her up to follow the ways of a Draenei paladin, striving to uphold the teachings of the Naaru with a strict code of duty and obedience. Her mother, an army medic, also taught her how to cure hurts... and in some cases cause harm. Being the middle child with two brothers and her mother often travelling with the army on the near constant ogre-slaying expeditions, Zeipher grew up in a rather male-dominated household, not having any female role-model to look up to she admired her father and quickly became her older brother, Rikolo's, shadow.

From the moment she was conceived Zeipher was born to fight the Legion.

School and Friends

Zeipher grew fast - very fast - and much to her father's pride was able to hold her own against all (and even best some) males in her classes at physical trials. Brought up in the Draenei military schools and Vindicator branch of the temple, there was no question as to what her calling would be.

Spending more time with boys than girls turned Zeipher into a right tom-boy and pretty much became the second son of the family, Rikolo often jokingly calling her his 'little brother' and Aelsan, her younger brother, calling her 'big bro'.

At the age of 70 Azerothian years she was accepted into the Vindicators, serving as Rikolo's squire in her father's own company 'The Guardians', as a Blade of Argus - one of the few female Blades of Argus and the only woman in her father's company.

The Rise and Fall

Duty Above All...

Serving as a Squire-Vindicator guarding the streets of Shattrath and upholding the laws of the Naaru was a rather simple existence. Filled with undemanding guard work in a city populated by the peaceful and caring Draenei, not many jobs could be easier.

A year later the Blades of Argus were rotated with another unit to become hunters and pressure ogres and other hostile creatures away from Draenei trade routes and outlying towns. Zeipher was soon promoted to full Vindicator status in honour of her achievements in the field.

During this time Zeipher really became one of 'the boys', her gender was never an issue till she formed a brief romance with the company sergeant, that was cut short via an ogre club to said sergeant's head. Slightly discouraged she still pursued romances with other members of the company but they were mostly fleeting and merely ways of de-stressing after a particular skirmish.

...Except Honour!

Disgruntled by the lack of progress made against the ogres due to the dull brute's sheer stubbornness, the Blades of Argus were ordered to exterminate ogre hovels and villages in order to end the threat in specific areas. Already hardened from battles and skilled in killing the beasts, the Blades were more than capable and destroying ogre war-camps eventually became ritual.

Zeipher lost many friends, some that were lovers, but this was common-place in battles with ogres where even when the beast was defeated its death-throes could still kill the most skilled Draenei soldier. For Zeipher it was another reminder of how fleeting life could be and one must ensure that it was spent doing something worthy and no time is wasted.

Her outlook changed one fateful day when their target was not an ogre war-camp but a village proper. The battle was fierce, ogres caring little for their own safety as they fought to protect their homes with determination never seen before by Zeipher or her company. Though her company's losses were higher than they'd ever been, the battle was won and a grim task was ordered "Exterminate all ogres!". In the past this command would have ethically easy enough to follow - the ogres being mature brutes, bent on raiding and crushing all they can find - but this time there were ogre children in the camp...

Entering an ogre tent, Zeipher came across two infants, the mother dead outside who had felled two Draenei defending her home. Something inside Zeipher snapped, perhaps her femininity finally coming to the surface after being suppressed for so long, she would not allow the children - ogres or no - to come to harm. Another Draenei soldier of a separate company entered the tent and quickly drew a mace, setting himself to killing the ogre babes. Zeipher stepped between him and his target, telling him on no uncertain terms that he is not to harm the children. An argument broke out, the soldier calling on his duty and for vengeance for the two slain soldiers outside, Zeipher calling on there being no honour in killing children and the vengeance already delivered upon the mother. Tempers flared, the soldier pushed Zeipher away and struck one of the children, killing it instantly and Zeipher, in a blind rage, removed the Draenei's head from his shoulders, her motherly instincts having come to the surface.

Due to Zeipher's sterling record before the event, understanding her motive for striking her fellow soldier and her father's reputation she was let off with a "light" punishment - she was discharged from the Blades of Argus and retired from her status of Vindicator. Thankfully, her father was understanding of what she did and praised her for stepping in to defend the children but could not condone slaying a fellow soldier.

A New StartEdit

Love the First, Fear the Second

Steady Work

Zeipher's position was rather unique; there weren't many "retired" members of the military that could still account for themselves on the field of battle. Soon she was able to sign up as a caravan guard with the Gemcutters Guild who would trade pretty stones for the skins, ores and food Orcs were able to procure. Being a skilled ogre slayer, Zeipher was paid well and often on caravan trips was able to hitch up and simply read a book on the long journey. During this time she started to study Draenei history and origins, realising the Draenei weren't always under the guidance of the Naaru and many were seduced into becoming man'ari.

Her interactions with the Orcs were one of mutual respect; most of the company she travelled with were not fighters and didn't even bother trying to look the part, so the Orcs took a shining to her physical appearance. In turn they tended to be rather forthcoming with Zeipher, telling tales of their tribes, ancestry and traditions in exchange for ogre-slaying stories and techniques. While the elder Orcs and her employers traded pretty stones for food and metals she and the clan hunters traded knowledge and friendship.

Sadly, the Orcs were not as long lived as the Draenei and her friends simply died of old age only to be replaced by their children. While the generation she had known and conversed with died out, Zeipher suffered a nasty leg wound from a wandering and maddened elekk bull and was forced to return to Shattrath for a long while for recovery.

Sins of the Children

While Zeipher was recovering, Gul'dan had managed to convince the Orcs that the Draenei were plotting to eliminate the Orcish race. Zeipher, not being capable of raising a blade - not that she would - was classified as one of the wounded and was kept away from the frontlines. During the final stages of the war, Zeipher had recovered from her wound and requested to be signed up to do her part for her people. Rather than be told to fight the Orcs she was ordered to assist in the evacuation of Draenei from the city of Shattrath, to guard them from the perils of the wild and against Orcish discovery.

Using her skills as a caravan guard she performed her new role admirably, even being part of the final group to leave Shattrath that contained Velen. Her father died as part of the grand deception - defending Shattrath against impossible odds to show defiance against the Orcs in order to convince them that the Draenei had been wiped out entirely. The deception took place so that the refugees could escape with no pursuit. Her elder brother, Rikolo, had fallen earlier in the war, died defending Telmor, a sacred Draenei temple-city.

Draenor: Someone Else's Problem Now

Tempest Keep

With the Orcs convinced that the Draenei had been wiped out, the Orcs concentrated their efforts on raising the Dark Portal. During this time the Draenei refugees were able to splinter into the wilds of Draenor. Zeipher stayed with Velen's caravan, protecting the prophet and the other refugees. She spent her time scouring the surrounding areas, keeping hostile wildlife at bay and swiftly dispatching any hostile threat that could discover that the Draenei were still unified. Their travels brought them to the Zangarmarsh, where they were able to settle away from the prying eyes of Orcs.

After 26 years of the Draenei settling the marshlands, Ner'zhul, the current leader of Draenorian Orcs, opened more portals to other worlds. The energies from these portals tore Draenor apart and turned the once beautiful world into the shattered remains known as Outland. Fearing that the Draenei couldn't survive this catastrophe the Naaru came to their aid and erected Tempest Keep. Velen led his followers to the new fortress that would house the Draenei for the next 24 years. Zeipher spent this time guarding the fortress and learning from the Naaru that the Burning Legion had corrupted the Orcs and convinced them that the Draenei were a threat. The peaceful Orcs had only attacked the Draenei because of outside influence.

The Sin'dorei Attack!

49 years after the fall of Shattrath to the Orcs, the Sin'dorei under the command of Illiden attacked Tempest Keep, seeking its Naaru blessed powers. Knowing little about this new and strange foe the Draenei retreated to one of the satellite structures of the keep: The Exodar.

Before The Exodar could use its powers to escape the world of Draenor some Sin'dorei managed to infiltrate the spire, the battle raged within The Exodar, even as it left Draenor. Due to the fighting on board The Exodar was forced to "land" and fate would have it the "nearest" world was Azeroth.

Azeroth and OutlandEdit

Azerothain Arrival

Any Landing You Can Walk Away From...

Despite the Sin'dorei who managed to infiltrate The Exodar being exterminated, they had done enough damage to bring The Exodar down. Crashing on Azuremyst Isle, Zeipher's mother died in the chaos and Aelsan was nowhere to be found.

Zeipher was lucky enough to recover from the crash unscathed and was asked by Velen to meet the people of this new world and mingle with them in order to avoid the same fate at the hands of the orcs. Understanding she'd been chosen for this task due to her past experiences with the orcs, Zeipher set off to befriend the Azerothain races, hoping that this time a third party wouldn't turn them against her people.

A Strange New World

Zeipher spent the next few months travelling and learning as much as she could about the world she had found herself in, soon realising that “The Alliance” she had apparently become a part of were in a state of border-wars and minor skirmishes with “The Horde” that was being lead by none other than an Orc named Thrall. Apparently this planet was closely linked with Draenor and Zeipher was surprised to see that ogres had also made the trip here. She quickly set to work befriending the dwarves of Loch Modan by dealing with their ogre problems in the best way she knew how.

She spent most of her time working as a benevolent mercenary, putting her talent with the blade to good use. After a few months she had fulfilled Velen’s wishes and had proven to the natives of this new world that the Draenei were worthy friends and dangerous foes.

Going Native

Azerothian Influence

Zeipher quickly started to treasure her new allies, having spent most of her time with them since landing on Azeroth and having next to no Draenei friends who survived the war with the Orcs, she quickly formed bonds of friendship and started to call Stormwind her new home. Being proven to be trustworthy, Zeipher was able to join the Stormwind City Guard as the first Draenei member, a position she holds to this day.


During this time she made friends with Meodri, a dwarven scout for the Alliance military and Zeyah, a Draenei shaman girl who quickly became Zeipher’s charge. Zeipher also had interactions with members of The Sacred Path, an organisation she had considered joining before leaving The Exodar. Due to her views on the Orcs she has quickly discovered that not all Draenei are as forgiving and understanding as she since many of the Draenei who are members of The Sacred Path dislike her, bar Deandra, who Zeipher is most thankful towards.

The Paradigm Order

Gathering friends and allies who all held a similar motive, Zeipher become a founding member of Paradigm, a guild devoted to setting an example by which others can follow and the destruction of the Burning Legion. Over time, Roboute, the Lord and commander of the organisation found the stresses of command too demanding and Zeipher put herself forward to take his place. Zeipher, now Commander of Paradigm, leads a small company of soldiers, scouts and scholars who have been granted protectorate authority over the township of Lakeshire.


Several months after founding the Paradim Order, Zeipher, on a routine patrol for the Skyguard, was beset upon by Dragonmaw Drake Riders. Rumour has it her ray was slain while she still upon it, her corpse possibly continues to plummet through the eternal nether.

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