Azh'dorai the Vexed Edit


Name: Zenith Starsight
Alias: Azh'dorai
Race: Night Elf
Class: Druid
Specialty: Feral Combat/Restoration
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: What was once Eldarath, Azshara
Current Home: Unknown; roams Outland
Professions: Herbalist/Enchanter
Guild Affiliation: Order of Shining Hearts
"Officially" Known Languages: Common; Darnassian; Druidic/Yseran/Tier
Motto: *low, savage growl*
This Page Last Updated: 06/10/2007

Distinguishing Features Edit


Physically and under normal circumstances, there is little about her that stands out. She keeps herself fairly well groomed. Though she retains a timeless (though generally average) degree of elven beauty, the fine lines of age have begun to accent her features. Two smoothe, ancient scars mark her face from her forehead to her jawline, one over each eye. A pouch full of herbs hangs from her belt, and as often as not there is a hand-rolled felweed cigarette held lightly between her lips whether lit or not.

Personality-wise, she has her share of quirks. Her most obvious is a tendency to be utterly chaotic in her moods and emotions; she can go from content to despairing to frenzied rage in surprisingly little time. She is most commonly quiet and secretive, having little to say unless spoken to.

History Edit


To recount her history would surely fill volumes... but what's past is past. Her background has molded and colored her into the creature she is today but otherwise she has pushed much of it behind her. She generally keeps her memories to herself... but she's been known to have a storyteller's tongue, especially when under the influence of specialty brews.

Haunts Edit


She wanders Outland aimlessly, but there are a few places that she tends to visit more often than others. She can often be found in Terokkar Forest and Shattrath City, sometimes relaxing with a mug of strong brew and a felweed cig at the World's End Tavern in Lower City. She also spends a lot of time exploring high altitudes or simply flying over the lanscape, finding herself more than comfortable in the air. She rarely sets foot on Azeroth and usually only to perform needed tasks, but she can at times be seen wandering the cities or having a drink at a local tavern.

Tyboraku and Tyborai Edit


The nether drake Tyboraku is an almost constant companion to Zenith while she is on Outland. The whelp Tyborai is of another clutch but is practically a younger brother to Tyboraku, and often acts as a messenger between the older drake and his rider.

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