Guild Founder: Jehotay
Guild Leader: Saraquael
Guild Contacts: Caeryn, Bloodaxe

The Zephyr Crew is a guild for those afflicted with an incurable case of wanderlust. Friendly and generally peaceful in nature, the "Crew" is a motley collection of individuals, who, more often than not, spend their time exploring, defending the interests of the Horde, or looking after their small seaside tavern.

On certain nights throughout the week they return to the port city of Ratchet to host company at The Drunken Kodo. On these nights, we invite all to come and relax as drinks and tales are shared for all.

The Kodo is actually leased from the goblin innkeeper Wiley, who is an honorary member of the Crew and remains working in the Kodo to this day.

For more information about the ZC and how to join, please [visit our site].

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