Zin'do Darkspear
Game Information
Race Troll
Class Shadow Hunter (Priest)
Guild Big Booty
Vital Statistics
Height 7'3"
Weight 197 lbs.
Build Lean
Hair Orange
Eyes Orange (sometimes glowing gold)
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age 21
Birthplace Broken Isles
Current Residence Orgrimmar or Thunder Bluff
Pets Shadowclaw - violet riding raptor
Taz'do "Child/whelp of Do" - netherwhelp
Family Zulamin Darkspear (brother)

"Come get da voodoo."


This jungle troll looks as though he's fairly reclusive. He's fitted with dirt and sweat stained clothes all with a war-painted face. He has orange eyes that almost seem to glow a golden color if you stare at them too long.

His tribal-looking clothes seem well-fit and camouflaging in the right conditions. Under his sleeve, you think you spot part of a tattoo, possibly a traditional headhunter marking. His hair is braided up like other witch doctors of his tribe.

However menacing he may appear, you're not quite sure if this one is giving you the look of disdain that's common coming from his Darkspear cousins, or not. Those eyes can actually be soothing at times.

He seems engaged with the other denizens. Hopefully he has grown accustomed to modern Durotar living.


Zin'do was a tribal headhunter at an early age, but soon began to surpass even those abilities. He then spent time under the study of Sen'jin, learning the ways of the Loa and the voodoo, and adapting them into his survivalist nature. Zin has exceptional abilities at healing his allies, as well as the ability to shift into a form of shadow, and casting powerful hexes on his enemies. Zin'do is now forced to walk the fine line between light and shadow in order to ensure the future of the Darkspear Tribe.

Current TimesEdit

Zin'do has since followed his Darkspear brethren across the Great Sea to the Echo Isles and eventually made his home with their allies, the Orcs and Tauren, in Durotar. Zin can frequently be spotted around Thunder Bluff, perfecting his hunting skills and participating in various rituals with the local druids and shaman.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • There is a harsh sibling rivalry between himself and Zulamin after Zin'do was chosen for voodoo training over his brother. Zin'do does his best to overlook this and help his kin.

Stories & LinksEdit

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