Description Edit

Name: Zuktarr Worgbitten
Race: Orc
Age : About 18 (by human reckoning)
Birthplace: Orcish internment camp
Class: Hunter
Professions: Skinning & Dragonscale leatherworking
Guild: Night Vanguard
Appearance: From his tightly-knotted black braid to his close-cropped beard, Zuktarr is the image of no-nonsense efficiency. He stands at an average height and width for an orc. What usually sets him apart is his stance, seeming ever-alert and ready to spring into action, his crimson eyes constantly scanning the horizon. His rough face usually sports a slight frown, a sign of either constant focus or disapproval.

Occupation and Personality Edit

Zuktarr is pragmatic to the core. He doesn't like to waste time stepping lightly around a problem if a direct approach could work. While he does share the love of battle and physical challenges with the rest of his green-skinned bretheren, his focus is primarily on the hunt. Zuktarr is most pleased tracking down and slaying powerful quarry.

Along with his imposing worg, Ravage, and his ever-present, ever cheerful companion, Blight, he spends most of his time seeking out tasks to complete for his Warchief and anyone affiliated with the Horde. Zuktarr can appear almost dour most of the time, but in reality he simply doesn't feel he has the time for pleasantries when there is work to be done.

Background Edit

Zuktarr is too young to remember the orc's homeworld. His earliest memories are of the Lordamere internment camp, raised among orcs gripped with lethargy and their human captors. Frustrated by his own people's inaction and the spiteful pink-skinned guards, Zuktarr became a violent and combative youth.

After one confrontation with the guards at the internment camp, the angry orc child found himself in a solitary cage with a badly broken leg. It was at that time that a young human priestess, Cara Winters, was visiting the camp to offer her skills. Approaching the dangerous, injured orc, she treated his leg and displayed kindness and compassion he had never known before.

While the priestess remained at the camp, she and Zuktarr grew close. Though their communication was limited by their languages, she knew enough orcish for them to become fast friends. Having learned of kindness from Cara, a once fiery anger was tempered into a determined focus within Zuktarr.

Unfortunately, they would soon have to part ways. Rumours of a strange sickness spreading through the kingdom of Lordaeron called Cara away from the internment camp. The newly focused orc did not fully understand her reason for parting. However, he did not have a chance to slip into despair. Not long after, the newly formed Horde under the Warchief Thrall came to Lordamere and freed the orcs within. Before long, Zuktarr and his people were on ships bound for a new continent in the west.

Still too young to be of much use to his people, Zuktarr was among those who were not present to sacrifice themselves in the defense of mount Hyjal. Determined to be of use to the Horde, Zuktarr took it upon himself to learn the ways of the wild, untamed lands of Kalimdor. Over then next five years, he proved himself worthy to enter the valley of trials and begin his formal training as a tracker, archer, and beast tamer.

From there, he set out on his own, performing whatever tasks he was assigned by various members of the Horde. His attentions turned back east, to the lands where he was raised. Returning to the Eastern Kingdoms, he found a land unfamilliar, changed by the plague which swept through Lordaeron a few years earlier.

During his exploration, he encountered a wild black worg. More accurately, a worg leapt from some bushes and sunk its fangs into his left arm, giving him a characteristic scar pattern which would become his namesake. Wrestling the beast to the ground, Zuktarr used his knowledge of beasts to subdue the worg enough to begin taming it. Naming his newfound companion Ravage, the orc continued his exploration of the land he once traversed with his people to sail for Kalimdor.

A few weeks after, while wandering through Tirisfal Glades, Zuktarr would encounter another companion. A Forsaken woman, quietly wandering about with an easy smile. The woman introduced herself as Blight, a name given to her by the people who were present when she regained her free will. Despite a badly decayed face, she bore a close enough resemblance to the woman she was in life for Zuktarr to recognize her as Cara; the priestess who once showed him kindness where he did not think any could exist.

Feeling honour-bound to ensure the safety of the woman who once helped him, Zuktarr made it his duty to guide Blight back to Kalimdor alongside Ravage and himself. There, she re-learned the ways of the priest from the trolls in Orgrimmar's Valley of Spirits. Together, they travelled the length and breadth of the continent, growing in knowledge and power as time went on.

Eventually, they would be approached by the Night Vanguard, a paramilitary unit dedicated to the defense of the Horde. Seeing this group as a means to greatly increase his usefulness to the Warchief and the people of the Horde. Enlisting with the Vanguard, he and Blight have served with them since, both having since risen to senior officers of their respective branches.

Ravage Edit


Zuktarr's loyal companion in the hunt, this enormous black worg appears nearly feral and constantly on edge. It lets few approach, with the exception of Blight, whom it seems to have adopted as a member of its pack and will defend with the utmost ferocity. Ravage's jawline looks suspiciously similar to a pattern of scars found upon Zuktarr's left arm, and has since become the orc's namesake.

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