Name: Ujanda (Zul'janda)
Race: Forest troll (Revantusk)
Class: Warrior
Professions: Engineer (G.E.E.K. member)
Age: 24
Birthplace: Azeroth
Current Residence: Orgrimmar, Kalimdor

Physical Appearance Edit

Zul'janda, named Zul of the Frostmane and Revantusk tribes, is a large and hulking troll, standing nearly eight feet tall, and sporting a burly chest. His long, thick arms generally rest on his belt, or on the hilt of one of the myriad weapons strapped to his chest, waist, and muscular legs. His hair, an unbridled mane the color of deep ocean, is rarely seen from under his helm, although his great tusks and sad, blue eyes are.

Scars cut across his light green skin, wherever it is visible through his armor. Although they are in various stages of healing, there are many, and in some cases, they appear grievous and haphazardly treated. Occasionally, the massive troll grunts in pain, or winces visibly, although he seems to dismiss the feelings and continue about his business. He does not hesitate to smile at passersby, but he rarely makes eye contact or stops to chat.

Zul'janda's Frostmane tabard, a deep blue garb with a white snowflake design in the center, is the only piece of armor or clothing that he is never seen without. It is torn, stained, frayed, and ragged; he wears it religiously. He is rarely seen without it...and when he is, he is usually looking for it.

Although his armor tends to be comprised of any functional pieces of platemail he can find, he gains particular satisfaction in caring for it, and often tries to look at least fairly clean and presentable. Where possible, he takes great pride in showing off particularly rare or powerful pieces that he has found, taken, or earned. He has similar love for his weaponry, which is extensive, hanging off of belts and thongs looped through, across, and around his armor and body.

OOC InformationEdit


((Ujanda is one of the few trolls - perhaps the only troll - to have earned the title of Zul through in-game actions and roleplaying goals. Although his mechanical name is Ujanda, he does hold the title of Zul to the Revantusk and Frostmane tribes, and any who choose to acknowledge that title. Assumedly, it is considered very bad form to refuse to acknowledge a title such as this, and is often considered a challenge or insult. And will probably be regarded as such.))

((Throughout Ujanda's fiction, under the series title 'Where Roots Take Hold', he locates, takes, and wields Sul'thraze the Lasher, the legendary Splitblade of the Sandfury tribe. Although he is written as the wielder of the Splitblade in my fiction, he does not bear this privilege/punishment in-game, in order to account for game mechanics, and the noticable abundance of Splitblades, particularly in the hands of hunters. ...for some reason.))

((I realize that there are several differences of opinion over the meanings of the titles, 'Zul' and 'Jin'. It has always been my understanding that 'Zul' was the title of chieftan or warlord, and 'Jin' was the title of witch doctor or mystic. I've never read these apparant sit-down roleplaying game books, and I don't intend to, so neither do I intend to follow these apparant 'rules of engagement' regarding fanfic etiquette. Zul'janda is a Zul, like Zul'jin is a Zul, and anybody who has issues with this can suck a hard one.))

((Ujandacustom.jpg is custom art, credited to Sihu.))

((Ujandacustom2.jpg is custom art, credited to Darda.))

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