Zulamin Darkspear
Game Information
Race Troll
Class Hunter
Professions Leatherworker
Vital Statistics
Height 7'11" (includes hair)
Weight 204 lbs.
Build Built
Hair Magenta
Eyes Orange
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Age 18
Birthplace Broken Isles
Current Residence Sen'jin Village
Pets Spike - pet red raptor

Zul'ja - pet blue raptor
Speedy - turtle

Zufli'do "Baby Witch of Do" - netherwhelp
Family Zin'do Darkspear (brother)

"Ju' want axe?"


This sleeveless, or sometimes shirtless troll bears the familiar markings of headhunters of wars past.

There is a blue raptor seemingly always by his side. You can even see Zulamin give the beast occasional loving (as trolls go) glances.

Anyone outside his race, however, is usually given a look of contempt as he passes you by, which is not uncommon among his Darkspear kin.


Zulamin carries the same history as most of his Darkspear tribesmen.

Current TimesEdit

His current whereabouts and activity is mostly unknown.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • There is a harsh sibling rivalry between himself and Zin'do. He feels surpassed by his brother and can never catch up.
  • Zulamin was given a Netherwhelp by Zin'do. He named it Zufli'do, or "Baby Witch of Zin'do" as a mocking gesture.

Stories & LinksEdit

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