A shirtless Zuldrik in Durotar

Zuldrik Sandstrike Edit

Race: Troll (Sandfury)
Age: 19
Class: Rogue
Birthplace: Zul' Farrak
Relatives: Zandro Sandstrike (cousin), Zuldain (uncle, deceased), Chief Ukorz Sandscalp (uncle, deceased), Velratha (aunt, deceased), Tabrika (cousin, whereabouts unknown), Zuldar (cousin, deceased).
Appearance: Zuldrik has the standard height and body structure of the Sandfury trolls, standing about a head taller than his cousin Zandro. He has tall, whispy violet-colored hair. His tusks are short, stout, and slightly curved at the tips. His eyes are narrow and shifty, always seeming deceitful. His skin is pinkish in color and looks to be rough to the touch.

Life Edit

Zuldrik was raised In Zul' Farrak to be a warrior to defend the Sandfury Trolls from the Silithids and Steamwheedle Cartel. Being closely related to the Chief of the Sandfury, Ukorz Sandscalp, Zuldrik ranked within the top dozen trolls in the line of succession. When Zuldain Sandstrike's son, Zandro, was falsely accused of helping his father smuggle valuables out of Zul' Farrak, Zuldrik was happy to testify against him to remove him from contention for the throne. Unfortunately for Zuldrik, Zandro escaped with the help of some Alliance mercenaries seeking Zuldain's scheduled delivery of smuggled valuables.

During the plundering of Zul' Farrak, Zuldrik left to seek fortune in other locations as he believed that what was left of Zul' Farrak could not be conquered taken for himself as Zandro had the position of rightful heir to the chief (due to the deaths of all the other successors). During his travels, he came across the Magram Centaur clan, who nearly killed him, mistaking him for his Zandro, being one of the very few Sand Trolls they had ever seen. Upon speaking witht he Magram, Zuldrik learned that the Magram knew that he belonged to a guild called Obsidian. The Magram stuck a deal with Zuldrik, if Zuldrik could lure Zandro to Desolace to be ambushed and killed by the Magram, they would not interfere with Zuldrik's plan to have Zandro swear over his right of sovereignty to him.

Zuldrik immediately approached the guild claiming to want to speak with Zandro about the future of their tattered city. When Zandro was not quick to indulge Zuldrik's transparent request for right of sovereignty, Zuldrik invented the story that he had kidnapped Zandro's sister Tabrika and would kill her if Zandro didn't give Zuldrik his blessing to become chief of Zul' Farrak. Zandro agreed to meet Zuldrik in Desolace to discuss the issue. However, before Zandro arrived, Zuldrik learned that the Magram had no interest in letting the sovereignty discussion occur and were planning to kill Zandro on sight. Zuldrik decided to double-cross the Magram and fled their camp with several valuables.

Zuldrik fled into Shadowbreak Ravine, which was occupied by the Burning Blade, whom upon seeing Zuldrik, quickly killed him.

Death and Undeath Edit

Zandro decided, upon finding Zuldrik's remains in Shadowbreak Ravine, to bury his cousin in Zul' Farrak. Unbeknownst to Zandro, Witchdoctor Zum'rah sighted Zandro burying his cousin and after Zandro's departure, resurrected Zuldrik to become one of his undead zombies. Zuldrik, however, had a strong enough will to resist Zum'rah's control, and was driven only by his hatred of his cousin. Zuldrik, in his undead form, left Zul' Farrak to find and kill his cousin.

When Zuldrik again approached Obsidian, he was quickly dealt with by Lutherus and Domini. They overpowered him, tied him to a raft, and set him adrift off the shores of Durotar. Zuldrik's current whereabouts, and whether or not he is still "alive" remains unknown.

Personality Edit

Zuldrik is in many ways a typical Sandfury Troll. He is ruthless, devious, and enjoys to kill. The only thing he loves more than stabbing someone in the chest is stabbing them in the back. He is also stupid, in addition to being utterly detestable, often remarking how "stupid" Zandro is for "readin' dem books." His main motivation in life is to achieve the position of Chief of the Sandfury Trolls and will stop at nothing to get it.

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