Zule'kin Mal'ai BloodscalpEdit

Race:Troll of the Bloodscalp Tribe

Class:Shadow Hunter; Shaman/hunter

Family:Zorra'kin, Zata'kin, and another billion or so that are dead.

Fights with:Lightning, Spear, Bow, and axes.

Personality & AppearanceEdit

The Bloodscalp is constantly changing his height with potions and two glowing eyes stand out on his scarred and battle worn face.(Handsome in Trolls' eyes.) Zule'kin is gloomy and takes pleasure in the misfortune of others. He's racist and hypocritical but he only displays himself truly to those he respects and loves. The eyes and tattoos of the Trolls reflect his emotions, brightly when angry or happy and softer when sad or bored.


Zule'kin's tale is a sad one, he has lived with the Darkspear for some years but he is no Darkspear, he is a Bloodscalp. His father, a powerful chief of the Bloodscalp and Zule'kin an up and coming Shadow Hunter. Around a dozen siblings and four "mothers" made the other part of his family but they were not to last. Zulka'jun, father of Zule, fell ill and was dying quickly and with bad timing. Hakkar's power was flaring and the tribes of Stranglethorn were feeling the pressure. The Mal'ai family had little support when the Gurubashi came. All dead, two brothers at the gates, three in the village, another three on their father's throne protecting the little life he had left. Zule'kin, Zorra'kin, and Zata'kin escaped each in different ways. Zule found the Darkspear and they took him in. Zata'kin was too young to remember anything when he was found by Ravenholdt rogues, but he eventually found his brothers after being raised by the humans and Orcs. Zorra'kin's escape is still shrouded in mystery, all that is know is that he was with the Horde before Zule'kin was and many Darkspear.

The three are all that remain of the family and are doing decently, Zorra'kin holds a high rank in the Horde and Zata'kin continues his rogue doings. For Zule'kin he has gone through many phases.


As a Mercenary, he helped the Horde, never the Alliance. His coin pouch grew everyday but his fortune quickly dwindled. Herbs for his potions and constantly craving rum was an expensive lifestyle. As said before, he was a mean drunk and his emotional self was slowly leading to his self-destruction. He was down and out, memories flooded his mind whenever he was sober and drugs or alcohol only offered a slight distraction. It was a dark night in the inn that Zule'kin was staying at, a few other guests were having a good time downstairs when Zule'kin took a dagger to himself.

Shadow HunterEdit

The dagger was in deep and poison was on the blade. He had somehow gotten from his room to the top of the staircase. The patrons did not notice him at first, but after the Troll crashed down the stair flight they rushed to his aid, wanted or not. Zule'kin was bandaged and lay in his bed and there he lay for weeks in a coma of dreams,

revelations, and premonitions. The spirits and Loas that he had almost forgotten were with him now and when he awoke from his coma his body was re-energized, his body looked like a Troll in his mid 20's. His eyes turned a glowing white and his tattoos that had faded over the years now gave off a small red aura. He was a Shadow Hunter again, and his skill with electricity grew alarmingly fast. He now had an aura of static around him and it tingles the hairs of those that are near. (Unless they are made of rubber of course.)

Partners in CrimeEdit

Zule'kin's animal counter parts protect him without question.


The windserpent was not tamed but saved by Zule'kin when he was young. The baby windserpent was going to be beheaded until Zule'kin slayed them in a blind rage. He felt something for the windserpent. Recently, Alu'tai has finally matured into a full female windserpent.


Quashi'fus was a tortured wolf packed into a cage in the Sunken Temple. Zule found him on one of his many raids on the Hakkar'i Temple. The Wolf's flesh was rotting and he was slowly dying until Zule'kin created a potion that cured him of the curse. Zule'kin has never shared where he found such a recipe.


Takkar interested Zule'kin because he was a rare find due to his black coloring. Zule'kin tamed the raptor and the two grew to be great friends. Takkar's age has hindered him in helping Zule'kin and he rests in the stables often.

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