Description Edit


Name: Zuliji Gustfury
Race: Troll
Age: 29
Birthplace: Dun Morogh
Class Hunter
Professions: Engineering and Mining
Guild: Harbingers of War
Alignment: True Neutral
Appearence: He has a very serious expression, he moves gracefully and puts thought into each action. A large collection of gadgets and tools are strapped along his belt, and a quiver fasioned of Clefthoof hides is slung over his back, along with a longbow if not in hand. His right tusk ends halfway at a broken stump.

He speaks with a heavier accent than most other Trolls, and one can notice bombs and explosives packed into a bag buckled on the back of his belt. Closely hanging over his left thigh is a white horn, wrapped in a cloth with the Frostwolf insignia imprinted on it.

Personality Edit

Zuliji is very cold, hardened by his survival instincts in Dun Morogh. He is efficient and calculating, showing no hesitation when he kills. He has a special hatred for dwarves, looking for any reason to snipe them from a safe distance. Understanding and empathy as consindered unimportant to him, caring little to understand other races, only what they can offer versus their potential threat. He is logical, and always prepared, thinking through multiple scenarios he can arm himself for. Traps and gadgets are always at the ready for him to escape, resorting to more aerial companions to distract dangers as he makes his escape, so they may later fly away and find him again. To him, survival is your ultimate priority. Nothing else is more important. He shows little fondness to anyone, but holds a deeply buried attachment his brother Zurali, often keeping vigilant eye over him and his activities.

History Edit

Like his brother, Zuliji was born into the Frostmane tribe in the dwarven lands of Dun Morogh. After their family was raided by a group of Ironforge dwarven mountaineers, Zuliji escaped and survived alone in the frosty wilds. After a few long years, Zuliji sharpened his survival instincts from living alone in the icy lands and always fighting/escaping dwarven patrols. He soon eventually the dwarves were expanding their domain, and he'd soon have too many on his trail. While exploring every unscouted corner of the land, he found the recently fallen city of Gnomergan. He carefully made his way inside, and discovered the fascinating gadgets of Gnomish engineering. For a while he learned how to tinker and build minor gadgets while taking refuge in the city.

After a while a Goblin, which Zuliji has never seen, made his way into the city. He explained to Zuliji in Troll he wished to create a teleporter in Gnomergan, which was connected to the goblin port of Booty Bay. He taught Zuliji further in engineering, which Zuliji used to assist the goblin in making the teleporter. This was his hope to escape the dwarven infested frost lands, and reach the outside world. Soon after the teleporter was complete, Zuliji tested the teleporter, succesfully making it to Booty Bay. The goblin he assisted notified Booty Bay of Zuliji's help, and in return a few of their scholars taught him a brief history of Azeroth, and what is happening in the outside world.

Taking the goblins' advice, Zuliji took their boat to Ratchet, then he and Darkmourne traveled to the Orc capital of Orgrimmar, offering his services to the Horde. In a brief meeting, Thrall himself welcomed Zuliji, and upon telling his tale one of the throne room advisors noted Zuliji had relatives who were already enlisted in the Horde. He was accepted into the Horde and was soon reunited with his brother, Zurali, and his close relative, Kyii. From there, Zuliji enlisted as a Military Strategist, offering much service to the Horde's armies.

Throughout the years after, Zuliji joined the Harbingers of War, to add to his military career. He worked close with Zurali up to the end of the Burning Crusade. There has been rumor he has entered a closed romantic relationship, but soon after the breach into Northrend he vanished and was very rarely heard of, even by his brother. Recently he has periodically come back onto his Hearthstone to contact some Harbingers, but has yet to be seen in person, nor is there any confirmed relationship status.

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