Description Edit


Name: Zulore Arcanis
Race: Forsaken
Age: 37 ((30 during life, 7 undeath))
Birthplace: Hillsbrad
Class: Mage
Faiths: The Holy Light, and the Echo of Life
Professions: Spellfire Tailor and Skinning
Guild: Harbingers of War
Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Mounts: Violet Netherdrake (Voranaku); Argent Warhorse (Ardent)
Appearence: This figure shrouds itself in robes and cloth, making it difficult to identify his Undead nature from a distance. Even when closely expected his skin has fairly little decay, though the coldness and lack of color makes it obvious. He openly bears a Argent Crusade medal of service, and a high ranking insignia of the Horde's military. A thick arcane aura surrounds his person.

A wand is holstered to his left hip, and a skinning knife is sheathed in a leather scabbard on his right. Runes and threadwork mark his robes as custom made, and a Hearthstone is strapped to his belt.. At the end of his sword hilt hangs a sigil in the shape of Lordaeron's coat of arms.

Personality Edit

Zulore is very subtle, yet erratic at times. He is very reserved and deep thinking, but is often led with spontaneous and unorthadox actions.. that work. There is no doubt he is good without reason, and is loyal to his friends and those he cares for, but sometimes his loyalties cannot be guaranteed, however there is little evidence to support this. He angers only when friends and allies are indangered, and toward poor or malign leadership. With the Lich King slain, there is little vengeance remaining in this one's heart.

Background Edit

Zulore was born in Hillsbrad, close to the time the Dark Portal has been opened in Azeroth. His family owned a small tailoring business, which he was to inherit at adulthood. Unfortunately his family was killed by Orcs during the Second War while he was still young.

A nearby family, who rivaled Zulore's family in the tailoring business adopted him after his parents' death. Up until He was twelve he was taught how to sew clothes and tailor outfits as his family would have.

At the age of twelve a mage from the Kirin Tor visited to purchase from Zulore's foster family, and during then he noticed and observed Zulore, noting his strange actions as a child and strong curiosity for the man. This man stayed in town a few days, continuing observing Zulore with his foster parents' permission. He then came to the family and requested to take the young man into Dalaran, training him as a Mage under his own supervision. After thinking it over, the foster family allowed the mage to take Zulore to Dalaran to begin his training. Knowing the boy would likely not return home, the mage decided to give him a new name to avoid investigation from his superiors, and for a more 'arcanist name', dubbing him Zulore Arcanis, named after himself, Anrald Arcanis.

At 24 Zulore exalted as a powerful mage, and was awarded the rank of Archmage even for one so young. Anrald admitted there was little more to teach him, and the Kirin Tor offered him to transfer as a royal guard and Archmage for Lordaeron's capital city, under King Terenas himself. Zulore served faithfully for a single year until an important event occured.

As Arthas returned to Lordaeron, Zulore was one of the few who saw him murder Terenas and tear down Lordaeron. He was slain along with most witnesses and served the Scourge as a mindless drone for years to come.

Five years later, the dominance over Zulore began to lift. When his will was his own he joined along the other Forsaken to revolt against the Scourge and reclaim the capital city. He has first awakened in a haze, much like some of the other Forsaken, and for years to come his memories failed him and had to relearn much of his training. Tatsui, a friend made ever since his first awakening, traveled with him as a long time service partner for the Horde. Though he acted independatly within the Horde's military, gaining quick skill and even quicker renown as a Warmage of the Horde. He also served as an assassin for a long period of time, earning himself the honored rank of Centurion. It was shortly before the second opening of the Dark Portal, Zulore fully recalled his memories through combination of magic and sheer will.. reawakening his morality, and forever changing his views on the war and his people.

For a while Zulore and Tatsui shared units within the Night Vanguard, and remained with it's leader resigning and the reformation of Wolves of the Warchief through the expedition into Outland. He served the Horde faithfully and reveled in the mended bridges between the Horde and Alliance to see mutual ends. When the Lich King reawakened and the Scourge washed over Northrend, the mage joined his unit and Tatsui on the breach into Northrend. As he had made the new continent his primary service, he recongized the Kirin Tor's presence and his old home Dalaran, floating in the heart of Northrend. Also realizing the desperate attention needed to fight against the Blue Dragonflight, and the Scourge, Zulore retired from the Wolves and the Horde's military to dedicate himself to the factions of Northrend. Visiting some of the Kirin Tor he knew in life, he was quickly reestablished his rank of Archmage, serving his faction faithfully and taking on two apprentices, Arunis and Sellinda.

After many adventures and battles, Zulore felt the shattering of Frostmourne as he raged battle before the Citadel, cheering with his fellow soldiers of the Crusade with this heavy revelation: The Lich King has fallen. At last, with the major threats of Northrend disarmed, Zulore humbly retired from the Crusade and Kirin Tor, earning medals and much respect for his service. As part of his retirement he joined the Harbingers of War, a military unit he was already familiar with, and the guild that had both his partner Tatsui and his apprentice Sellinda in its ranks. He offers his wisdom and magic to his friends, hoping to finally see a peaceful Azeroth with the Scourge defeated.

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