Description Edit


Name: Zurali Gustfury
Race: Troll
Age: 25
Birthplace: Dun Morogh
Class: Shaman
Professions: Enchanting. Herbalism
Guild: Harbingers of War
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Appearence: This troll only looks to be in his twenties, standing a little under 7 feet tall, quite typical for his race. The common expressions to cross his face are absent mindedness and curiosity, with a bit of humor and shyness when interacting with others. Tikis are strapped onto his well kept braids, and a Hearthstone is buckled to his belt. Though not particularly muscular his body is well in shape, and not a scar or cut is to be seen. He smells strongly of various herbs.

Personality Edit

Zurali is often absent minded and submissive (though he's been improving), sensitive and respectful towards others' race (or state of living). He loves cracking or following jokes, using them as his primary ice breaker, and is up to drinking and participating to be part of a circle. Underneath the cocky and carefree impression, he can be very stern and serious. He's sharpened his instincts as a soldier, and is never completely off guard. Even though he may be seen without a weapon, the elements are always on his side. Regardless, kindness is a permanent part of his attitude, often going out of his way to assist others who do not even ask for it.

Early Life Edit

Zurali was born into the Frostmane tribe, brother to Zuliji, living only with him and their father Zurash and mother Zulease, away from the tribe into the wilds. One early morning a group of Ironforge dwarven mountaineers, intending to spread their domain, attacked the family and killed both parents. Zuliji managed to escape as the patrol struggled to take down the enraged father, as Zurali was stabbed in the leg then bound during the struggle. Neither knew of each others fates until much later.

Unsatisfied with their collections, two of the dwarves decided to sell off the wounded and lethargic Zurali as a slave. Knowing it will be unnacceptable in Ironforge or within its borders, they traveled outside of their domain to pawn him off to a traveling Goblin merchant named Nezwik. The goblin saw little worth in the Frostmane, but knew he was young and submissive enough to never rebel. He also delighted in the irony of owning a Troll slave. Traveling alongside his new master for several years to come, Zurali worked as a beast of burden, rarely making any contact with any aquatints in their adventures, having not been taught any language other than his native. The idea of fleeing from Nezwik was countered by his fear of the large strange world, simply deciding to never leave the goblin's side, for protection and what little food he was given.

Later in Nezwik's career, he and many other goblins found it to be highly profitable joining the New Horde in their rise under Warchief Thrall. Sailing with the Orcs to the new land of Kalimdor, the small group Nezwik particularly worked with made contact with the Darkspear trolls, accepting them among the Horde as well. As Zurali remained at Nezwik's personal tent, one of the trolls visited him during his master's absence. For the first time in years Zurali spoke to someone other than his master, conversing with the troll and explaining his situation in Zandali. The Darkspear immediately understood what the Frostmane meant, even though he likely hasn't. The Darkspear returned to the Orcs and told them of Zurali, whom gathered and later confronted Nezwik. To Zurali's ignorance, they demanded the goblin to release the Frostmane of his servitude, who had little choice if he wanted to remain on good terms with his employers, or if he wanted to leave in one piece. The same Darkspear aproached to Zurali and explained he will no longer be accompanying Nezwik, ever again, and offered him a home among the Horde. Very excited by this sudden life change, and offer of a 'home' which he has prayed to the Loas for since his kidnapping from Dun Morogh, Zurali naturally accepted. He offered himself fully to the Horde, willing to undertake any service and role to earn his keep.

A Shaman Born Edit

(Events of Warcraft III)
Soon after his induction into the Horde, Zurali was taught Orcish by the older seers and lore collectors. During their travels with Warchief Thrall on a search to find the mysterious Prophet, a few of the elders tried to decide what to do with the young Frostmane. Testing him in battle and his skills in survival, he was below average in both, bare minimum fighting skills and survival instincts. So instead, one of the elders who has been renewed on their races path of Shamanism, studied and spoke with the Troll for an entire day. Learning of his lack of malice and willingness to learn, the old shaman thought it right to teach Zurali their path. This was a time for Shamans to be born anew among the Horde, and to spread knowledge among the races and their allies. Zurali was invigorated by the faith's foundations, feeling hope rise within him. He humbly submitted himself to the teachings. As the Orcs ventured into Stonetalon Mountains to continue the search, the sect of shamans veered off after the settling of their camp, believing it to be time to contact the elements and induct their newest followers. Among several others, Zurali was seen as worthy and humble enough to direct the will of the elemental spirits, accepting his new path and praying to the elements henceforth.

After the long, scarring trials the Horde and Orcs have faced, Zurali continued traveling with them up to the construction of Orgrimmar, and from there worked alone as a Battle shaman, reeving the Horde's foes with the winds and fury of the spirits, dubbing his newly added surname of Gustfury.

A Brother Found Edit

(Events of World of Warcraft original)
Standing as a fairly successful shaman, Zurali picked up the profession of Enchanting, further enhancing himself through magical runes he would print into equipment, drawing energies to correspond with the enchantment. Self sufficient, and not particlurly within a group of friends or allies, Zurali continued on his work by often enlisting in the Horde's military, further sharpening his experience in combat and war. He finally changed his nature of solitude by joining the Night Vanguard, a special Horde unit serving all of the factions' leaders. It was after two years of service when a a very familiar person made contact with Zurali; A recently added Horde scout by the name of Zuliji. Zurali rushed to meet this scout in Orgrimmar, and before him beside the meeting table stood an older, rugged, armored Zuliji. The two quickly took to the streets to begin explaining where the other has been, catching up on their recent events. Zurali believed this to be a reward for his doubtless trust in the spirits, reinforcing his love for his faith. From thereon the two often worked close together in tougher assignments, rising high in the Horde's ranks, though Zuliji never joined the same unit, instead signing up into the Harbingers of War, not entirely trusting the Horde's races altogether.

A Change of Pace Edit

(Events of the Burning Crusade)
At the second opening of the Dark Portal, Zurali and his brother dove into the new war effort on another world. Fighting scores and scores of Fel Orcs, ethereals, demons, and other monstrosities on the shattered Outlands, the two settled into a more grim career, soldier blood running through their veins. After the Night Vanguard's reformation into the Wolves of the Warchief, Zurali silently left the ranks to stick closer to his brother, worried for his safety in this unpredictable planet. He joined the Harbingers of War, to contact him easier. Becoming fatigued of the violence and physical hardships, Zurali began rethinking his role within the military. For so long he wielded blades and claws into battle to dismantle enemies, but to him it seemed to have never changed things for the better. Spending a good amount of time praying and retraining, Zurali redirected his talents toward being a combat medic, a healer specialized to treat wounds in the heat of battle. He saw to the ends of the Burning Crusade and Shattered Sun Offensive, steadily becoming closer to more soldiers within his unit.

A Soul Burdened by War Edit

(Events of Wrath of the Lich King)
The Legion was defeated, Zuliji and Zurali were alive and at the peak of their career. Peace finally seemed to be around the corner, until a few ominous events broke out before the two individually. Zurali was passing through the Barrens, collecting flowers for the sick, when something certainly struck him as off about Camp Taurajo: The entire settlement was being sieged by undead ghouls. Other guards were fighting a losing battle against the fiends, many of them dying and immediately raising up under the undead plague. Zurali called upon the spirits of fire and lightning, annihilating the group as quick as he could, freeing the camp of the ghouls, but at the cost of most of their guards; many of whom Zurali himself has to slay.

Similar events periodically rose throughout Kalimdor, and even the Eastern Kingdoms. It rose to frequent battles over Orgrimmar, until the plague was finally stopped and the Scourge repelled. The Horde's eyes focused onto Northrend, and the Harbingers followed their call, departing to the dead north.

At the start of this new war, Zurali continued his services as a shaman medic, which was desperately needed against the Scourge. Zuliji vanished soon after the first breech, the two being split as they were sent to different destinations. Zurali kept himself in spirits, and as well did his best to keep up the morale of his allies. While stationed in Dragonblight, Zurali was requested to aid the Forsaken, for his skills in herbalism and because of the low amount of volunteers for their efforts. Working close with some of the alchemists, Zurali helped make great progress in their creations of plagues and weapons ment to fight the Scourge. At least he was told. Soon, events occured to set up the breech of Angrathar the Wrath Gate, where the true nature of the Forsaken Apothecary's intentions surfaced in a cloud of plague and death. Scourge, Alliance, and Horde soldiers alike were killed and mutated under the surprise attack, causing Zurali immense guilt for assisting them to this unforeseen point.

For the very first time, Zurali's faith has been shaken. He doubted his ability to help others after the travesty he helped occur. He has taken up chronic drinking and abandoned his title of medic, returning once again to the use of weapon and destructive magic on the field. His faith fell further and further through time, until after one month of the Wrath Gate incident, desperately demanding the help of the spirits against his foe, the spirits have abandoned him. After a painful realization, he understood nothing was listening to his prayer. Over his Hearthstone, he cried out in terror and panic, being shot in the leg by a ghostly dwarf, very similar to the wound he received in his childhood. After managing to beat the creature out of existence with his weapons alone, Zurali continued his cries for help over the stone, having no means to heal himself, nor the rationality to even escape to somewhere safe. A few in his unit quickly came to his aid and carried him to safety, giving him time off work to try and pick himself back up. Zurali went through a few weeks of recovery, not medical but spiritual, struggling to regain his faith and confidence. It took one of his dearest friends, Kyii, to console him and help him overcome his own guilt and shame. He started his path to redemption by traveling around Kalimdor, speaking to each individual elemental spirit, asking for forgiveness and to relearn their teachings. After all four tests, he regained his voice among the spirits, and even regained enough confidence to begin healing others as a career again.


Zurali and Thierry.

After the recent fall of the Lich King, Zurali's hopes have flared higher than ever before, to him seeing the last of the major threats finally fall. He is disturbed by the relationship between the Alliance and Horde, remaining optimistic about peace between the two. He urges others to begin picking up peace as well, insisting on rebuilding, both their homes and their culture. Zurali has unexpectedly fallen into his first intimate relationship with the blood elf Thierry Belleaux, at first strongly shy and in denial of each others attraction (much to the humor of friends and Harbingers), but finally decided to confront these feelings and court the young elf. It is ironically after igniting this relationship, Zurali has taken a renewed interest in his race's culture, learning what he can from the King of Kai'So, Mel'Lodi. He has begun learning more of the Loas, praying to them as well as the spirits he is familiar with, preparing to pull himself back from the fronts of Northrend to begin assisting the Darkspear in their culture, and start making plans to heal the land.

A Shattered World Edit

(Events of Cataclysm soon to come!)

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